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The most biggest evidence of us Asians making our Anime characters based on us Asians

The pictures you see are from the same episode of the same series where in that episode they imagine that they are impersonating as westerners which are shown by the 3rd picture.

As you clearly can see, we Asians believe that :
1. You westerners have smaller eyes than us Asians which is why our Anime actually 'hate' you westerners
2. You westerners have big long nose while big long nose are not cute at all and not Anime characters-like at all
3. You westerners have square face and square jaw that are also not cute at all and only make you westerners look like your own cartoon/western characters while look nothing like our Anime/Asian characters.
4. Etc you westerners look nothing like us Asians or our Anime, Manga and our other Asian based characters we Asians made based on us Asians

You can also see that not just with the characters who have black hair but also who have yellow hair which you racist westerners use as your retarded reason when claiming our Anime characters based on you racist westerners . Another difference that you can also see is the lips where we Asians believe you westerners have bigger and thicker lips which also not cute at all or not look like our Anime characters at all.

The example you see is only just 1 of the many examples like that and we Asians also have the same believe of you westerners are supposed to look like that in reality :
You can see more examples including from hundreds of years ago at while you will never see anything like that when us Asians in Japan impersonating other Asians and we dare you racist westerners to find even just 1 example of it to prove us wrong.

There is just no way we Asians will ever make our Anime/Asian characters based on you westerners because first of all we Asians don't even find you westerners attractive and also because we Asians are not idiots who will prefer to feature and promote other peoples than our own peoples, our Anime is one of the many things that make us Asians famous world wide.

You westerners should start to learn to accept reality, the reality that :
1. Our Anime are much more superior than your cartoon
2. You westerners can't make any Anime to this day
3. You westerners will never be/look like our Anime/Asian characters because you westerners will never be/look like us Asians while only us Asians who can be/look like our Anime characters because we Asians made them based on us Asians
4. Millions of our Anime fans hates you westerners cosplaying [ read : ruining ] our Anime characters which hurt millions of our Anime fans
5. Etc so that you racist westerners will eventually stop on claiming our Anime characters based on you or associating your inferior cartoon to our superior Anime.

Cosplay of the month [ June 2017 ] : Rem from Re Zero, moe contents 60%

Character  : Rem
Cosplayer : AHO

Hagane No Renkinjutsushi live action further prove Japanese believes Anime characters based on Asians

This is one of the Anime the racist westerners use to retardedly claim us Asians making our Anime characters based on them, retarded because the logic or reason they use for making those retarded claim is by saying our Anime have western story setting when our Anime characters who have western story setting still look like our default our Anime characters who are based on us Asians. But just like what we have said since many years ago, no matter where the story setting is we Asians still make our Anime/Asian characters facial & body form based on us Asians which mean only us Asians who look like them so that only us Asians who can Cosplay them. What we said since many years ago turned out into reality one by one when Japanese start making live action movies of our Anime including from our Anime the racist westerners claim based on them, turned out into reality because the cast Japanese prefer to use for the live action is Asian cast and this only mean that Japanese believes the Anime characters we Asians make are based on us Asians so that it is obvious only us Asians who will look good when imitating them including in live action version of our Anime.

This is not the only live action Anime which shows Japanese believes Anime characters based on us Asians but so far all the Anime live action which made by Japanese are using Asian cast, including with another of our Anime that also have western setting and also used by the racist westerners on their rearded claim which is Shingeki No Kyojin. Just like with Shingeki No Kyojin, this has nothing to do with budget, language, etc things like that because there are already many movies made in Japan using western cast with the only difference that none of those movies are Anime live action. Other than believing Anime characters are based on us Asians, the reason why Japanese keep making live action using Asian cast is because our Asians facial & body form is what Japanese find attractive which also the reason why we Asians make our Anime characters based on us Asians. To further prove that this has nothing to do with budget, language, etc issue then just look at what happen when we Asians turn our Anime into 3D

Anyway if you are wondering why we specifically mention Japanese in here is not only because Anime originated from Japan so that anything valid about Anime have to be from Japan, but also because Japan is still the biggest market for Anime since the past to this day and any sane peoples know that when making something that will sell then you have to make it attractive for the peoples you want to sell it to. Talking about story setting, if story setting are used to claim as the base of based on who our Anime characters are then they will be by default based on us Asians because the big majority of our Anime story setting are in Asia while our Anime characters with Asian story setting and any other story setting still look similar to each other.

Other than using story setting, the racist westerners also using our Anime characters hair colors and eyes colors to claim our Anime characters based on them but those claim are also retarded

Cosplay of the month [ May 2017 ] : Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, moe contents 40%

Character  : Konata Izumi
Cosplayer : Unknown, if you are the cosplayer then be sure to inform us along with your evidence.

Cosplay of the month [ April 2017 ] : Emilia from Re Zero, moe contents 40%

Character  : Emilia
Cosplayer : Unknown, if you are the cosplayer then be sure to inform us along with your evidence.

VR Summer Lesson further proves Japanese don't find westerners attractive

Other evidences of Japanese don't find westerners attractive so that there is no way Anime characters based on westerners :
1. Japanese marriage
2. Japanese otaku
3. Japanese in general

Summer Lesson is currently the most popular VR title in Japan including still on the top list of VR titles sales in Japan since its first release in October 2016 to this day. In Summer Lesson, you become as a private tutor who teach a school girl to become better within 7 days.

Long before its release in October 2016 there is a concept including promotional video released showing 2 characters, 1 character is based on Asian while another character is based on westerner. The intention for the release of the video not only to promote the project but also to gain inputs to make the project better for fans, among the positives and negatives comments, opinions, etc gathered many of them are negative views about the western based character where many Japanese don't find her attractive. As a result, the final project only have 1 character available which is the Asian based character :

Just for info, the appearance of the western based character in the concept video are actually much more western looking than the one you see in the picture in case any of you think she not look that much like a westerner.

The reason why we pick VR Summer Lesson as another evidence to prove what we said of Japanese don't find westerners attractive so that there is no way Anime characters based on westerners is the same reason why we pick DOAX 3, both Summer Lesson and DOAX 3 are on the same genre of "playing around" with the characters except that Summer Lesson only have 1 character. For this kind of genre, the appearance of the characters is the most important thing where they have to be as much attractive as possible especially when they are aimed at male fans because males are the one who prioritize attractiveness when liking the opposite gender. If the characters are not attractive then the project will fail while if the characters are attractive then the project will not only succeed but will also able to grow and expand into other area. The same goes for the Anime we Asians made, our Anime will only be destroyed if we Asians make our Anime characters based on westerners because Japanese who are the 1st and currently still the biggest consumers of our Anime will not find our Anime attractive, not just Japanese amongs us Asians who don't find westerners attractive while prefer our own Asians appearances attractive but also the big majority of us Asians who when combined with Japanese become as the big majority of our Anime consumers.

The fact that Japanese don't find westerners attractive explain why Japanese always using Asian cast when making live action Anime including with our Anime that have western story setting such as Shingeki No Kyojin which many racist westerners stupidly claim based on them, stupid because they base their claim based on the story setting and not based on the characters appearance who look nothing like them but just look like our typical Anime characters who by default based on us Asians no matter what hair colors, eyes colors, etc indluding story setting they have.

Cosplay of the month [ March 2017 ] : Felt from Re Zero, moe contents 40%

Character  : Felt
Cosplayer : Unknown, if you are the cosplayer then be sure to inform us along with your evidence.

The "cosplay is not consent" movement in the west shows how western males disgusting morality are ruining the image of Cosplay

There is an on going movement in the west which are known as "cosplay is not consent" movement that have been going on for many years now but recently getting more active this days. The "cosplay is not consent" movement's objective is to tell peoples that cosplayers who Cosplay are not mean that those cosplayers are giving permission to be freely touched on their body parts.

This movement only exist in the west because so far there is no such thing like this in our homeland Asia where one of the world's trends today known as Cosplay are originated. This movement arise after the numeruous sexual assault cosplayers in the west received not only when attending Anime, Manga, etc similar other conventions but also outside of those kind of conventions. Apparently western males are thinking that when girls are wearing something which those western males don't usually see then that will mean it is ok for those western males to touch, rape, etc doing other sick things to them, no wonder when a girl is with a western male then she will 24 x more likely to be raped than when with an Asian guy

Other than looking down at females, another reason why this is only occur in the west is because westerners see cuteness and innocentness as something sexual rather than something precious that you want to protect like what we Asians see. Almost all of our Anime/Asian characters we Asians made based on us Asians are look cute and innocent, on the other hand westerners are not cute so they are doing anything they can to look as cute as our Anime/Asian characters including by trying to act cute and this is one of the reason which trigger western males to sexually assault them. The fact that westerners see cuteness and innocentness as something sexual is also the reason for the very massive numbers of pedophile crimes in the west because childrens are mostly look cute and innocent.

Not only committing racism against us Asians and ruining our Anime/Asian characters, this fact is another reason why westerners must not Cosplay our Anime/Asian characters. Our Asian culture and western culture are just too different to be able to accept one another

Many westerners this days already think our Anime as bad things where they accuse our Anime as pedophile stuff so if this continues then eventually westerners society as a whole will end up thinking and accusing our Anime, Manga, Cosplay etc our other Asian characters and trends as bad things who cause peoples to commit sexual assault and other bad things when in reality it is westerners morality and cultures that are to blame.